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Mengelito’s Thronespeech Nov 7 2016

My dear sweet loyalists, it has been a busy month for The Red Order.

First of all, a big shout-out to everyone who is helping with our big charity push for the benefit of Coach’s little nephew. Everyone stepped up, shared it and donated and Mantis made a video. As I’m writing this the family are close to reaching their goal and when we started promoting it they where at only something like ten or twenty percent. Oh Slash, eh? From the bottom of my heart, thanks. This is what you are all part of and this is what we can do. Let’s push this project to its end goal and send this baby to get fixed in New York!

Back on the subject, let me present Khan Hierarchy. a new section where pledges, medals and information are neatly sorted for your convenience and Pledge levels are hard-coded into the system. Progress through our ranks and learn your rights there.

We have pushed all the signatures of this batch out so far, a tremendous task as 2-6 hours of dedicated work and love from me and Gargantua goes into each and every single one of them, make sure to fly them wherever you can. Also. as you can see the new Rank Plates are all finished and we are currently working on updating the medals aswell, to look unison with the signatures and the new forum design that is close to being finished.

Not only this, our store has been updated with brand new merchandise thanks to Gargantua, Crikket, Suka, Mrs. Mantis and, of course, yours truly. Go check it out here!

The High Wizard have sent me an owl from his Ivory Tower that the Khan game is still brewing and that the PNP sessions have been ressurected and while I’m writing this beloved Zek is compiling all our Reloaded history and achievements.

I’ve had reports that our Khan Airsoft Team is growing according to schedule aswell, we totally dominate the Reloaded TC scene (Only today we totally destroyed Muhos and UV) and none other than the famous TC Leader Knuckle is stepping up to the tasks of getting our many new Khanscripts and Bandits in shape.

That’s all… FOR NOW!

Mengelito’s Thronespeech Oct 2 2016

Sweet, dear Raiders this will be a shorter Thronespeech than usual due to technical issues.

We’ve rolled out the new signatures with great success. If you’re a Raider and still haven’t got yours head down to the workshop and get it fixed.

Our Raid on NVMP has been a slamming success so far, in sheer terror all active clans have banded together and formed an alliance to fight the Khans. We will show them resistance is futile and kick their cringy little rp sandcastles down with our heavy Khan combat boots.


Contract Terminated, Loot Appreciated

Mess with the bull and you get the horns.”


Before the Great Downfall of Man, work in regards to financed killings was rather common place. Unfortunately contracts were signed under a veil of obscurity to protect the agent; the job itself was executed under absolute concern for the external factors so none of the members under the deed would be violated by any means. Just like packs of cigarettes, mercenaries back then came in many brands and flavours. Some were comparable to the harsh kick that is received from a Marlboro Red, whereas others were silk smooth and to the point like a Benson & Hedge Silver.


Unfortunately only one can be allocated to the single fraudulent mercenary caste that roam under the Baronate; the sort that would be handed over for 20 caps from a Chink in an alleyway within San Francisco. Going by the name of Claw Company Mercs, the individuals in this band of mongrels are little more than petty thieves with the sole desire of breaking contracts assigned to them. It was nevertheless recent events and contracted battles of not long past that verify the true character behind the masquerade they whimper behind.


Khan Forces Control Western Region

“The hammer strikes in order to secure that which is being struck.”

In flesh the embodiment of true ideals. In mind the sole motivation to spread virulence. In heart the chain that brothers hold. In soul nought but Viren’s acceptance.


Khan dominance has already manifested itself time and time again, and this occasion contains no change to that repeating piece of history. As a matter of fact, the Khan Battle Force is penetrating the wasteland’s open wounds with a force innumerable; recruitment has been increasing to a greater standard than it has been in some time, and the Khanscripts that are being drafted in are being shaped into accountable battlefield presences. However the manpower does not halt there; many Raiders from battles of old are resurfacing to the sound of the Khan War Horn, ready to push for a greater future.



Mengelito’s Thronespeech Sep 9 2016

Mine will be a rule of transparancy and inclusion, unlike all my predecessors I respect the Raiders enough to believe they are entitled and deserve to know what’s going on, on a regular basis. This is the first follow up speech based on my first Thronespeech, unlike the politicians of your respective countries the Khan Raider Leader will himself follow up his promises until they are realized.


Mengelito’s Thronespeech Aug 29 2016

Oh Slash,

My brothers, by force and will alone I have now assumed complete control of our brotherhood and I intend to bring us from the Viking Age and into the Renaissance.

This means my focus will be on organisation, focused efforts for the common good and investments into our arts, video, economy and music sections as the expansion beyond the gaming world (as envisioned by Gargantua in a dream during the summer of 2015) is down that path.

I thank my predecessor for picking up the pieces and clean up from the traitors rampage and for running the show with an iron fist while I prepared in the shadows and schemed for 7 long years to rise to my rightful place as your beloved Raider Leader.


I expect everyone to help enforce my rule by the Khans, for the Khans. Brothers, you all have my ear.