Mengelito’s Thronespeech Nov 7 2016

My dear sweet loyalists, it has been a busy month for The Red Order.

First of all, a big shout-out to everyone who is helping with our big charity push for the benefit of Coach’s little nephew. Everyone stepped up, shared it and donated and Mantis made a video. As I’m writing this the family are close to reaching their goal and when we started promoting it they where at only something like ten or twenty percent. Oh Slash, eh? From the bottom of my heart, thanks. This is what you are all part of and this is what we can do. Let’s push this project to its end goal and send this baby to get fixed in New York!

Back on the subject, let me present Khan Hierarchy. a new section where pledges, medals and information are neatly sorted for your convenience and Pledge levels are hard-coded into the system. Progress through our ranks and learn your rights there.

We have pushed all the signatures of this batch out so far, a tremendous task as 2-6 hours of dedicated work and love from me and Gargantua goes into each and every single one of them, make sure to fly them wherever you can. Also. as you can see the new Rank Plates are all finished and we are currently working on updating the medals aswell, to look unison with the signatures and the new forum design that is close to being finished.

Not only this, our store has been updated with brand new merchandise thanks to Gargantua, Crikket, Suka, Mrs. Mantis and, of course, yours truly. Go check it out here!

The High Wizard have sent me an owl from his Ivory Tower that the Khan game is still brewing and that the PNP sessions have been ressurected and while I’m writing this beloved Zek is compiling all our Reloaded history and achievements.

I’ve had reports that our Khan Airsoft Team is growing according to schedule aswell, we totally dominate the Reloaded TC scene (Only today we totally destroyed Muhos and UV) and none other than the famous TC Leader Knuckle is stepping up to the tasks of getting our many new Khanscripts and Bandits in shape.

That’s all… FOR NOW!