Mengelito’s Thronespeech Oct 2 2016

Sweet, dear Raiders this will be a shorter Thronespeech than usual due to technical issues.

We’ve rolled out the new signatures with great success. If you’re a Raider and still haven’t got yours head down to the workshop and get it fixed.

Our Raid on NVMP has been a slamming success so far, in sheer terror all active clans have banded together and formed an alliance to fight the Khans. We will show them resistance is futile and kick their cringy little rp sandcastles down with our heavy Khan combat boots.


We’ve continued to dominate FOnline Reloaded and only Muhos comes to fight us. Every other enemy is destroyed and victory is ours.


I’ve implemented a solid security policy and I ask Officers of this clan to respect it. More on this in the thread in Drakkhan. Our security policy and our ranks are the foundation this organisation is built on. I will NOT allow special permissions or ranks while I’m Raider Leader. Since the secrecy of the Red Order forums was in danger I’ve purged it from all sensitive information honoring the vows of secrecy given by the Red Order to members of our community.


I’ve also corpsed the CCM members bowcaster and lash and relocated their bar as a subsection of the Toxic Caves. 15 inactive Khanscripts where corpsed aswell having failed in their goal to become Khan Raiders.


I’m very happy with how everything is progressing otherwise, we will continue the development of the graphics of the forum following the success of rolling out the new rank plates and signatures. It’s crucial we look the best at all times.


The Raid goes on and we’re steady on our course to victory and success.