Contract Terminated, Loot Appreciated

Mess with the bull and you get the horns.”


Before the Great Downfall of Man, work in regards to financed killings was rather common place. Unfortunately contracts were signed under a veil of obscurity to protect the agent; the job itself was executed under absolute concern for the external factors so none of the members under the deed would be violated by any means. Just like packs of cigarettes, mercenaries back then came in many brands and flavours. Some were comparable to the harsh kick that is received from a Marlboro Red, whereas others were silk smooth and to the point like a Benson & Hedge Silver.


Unfortunately only one can be allocated to the single fraudulent mercenary caste that roam under the Baronate; the sort that would be handed over for 20 caps from a Chink in an alleyway within San Francisco. Going by the name of Claw Company Mercs, the individuals in this band of mongrels are little more than petty thieves with the sole desire of breaking contracts assigned to them. It was nevertheless recent events and contracted battles of not long past that verify the true character behind the masquerade they whimper behind.

“A face so disfigured by empowering greed.”

Killing members under contracted mutuality, systematic looting and ubiquitous lies are heavily integrated into the mindset of each and every hired trash found residing in this brigand. It was expected that their innate desire of toxicity towards alliances would lead to desperate attempts to take towns under Khan rule; a foreboding that materialised into fruition.


Although successful in capturing a few, it came with a heavy cost; a price much more grand than the combined taxes imposed upon the simple dwellers in the ruins of Los Angeles. One particular mercenary disagreed with the mentality of his backstabbing colleagues and decided to accept once more his origin with the Khans. Leading a band of toughened raiders, this individual assisted in the controlled base raping of CCM members AnalFury and Timelord, former victims of the Khans, from another unpleasant playground named OGG.


Hardened Power Armours and Vindicators are among the many plunders now resting upon the amounting hill within the treasury halls of Drakkhan.

Contract Terminated.