Khan Forces Control Western Region

“The hammer strikes in order to secure that which is being struck.”

In flesh the embodiment of true ideals. In mind the sole motivation to spread virulence. In heart the chain that brothers hold. In soul nought but Viren’s acceptance.


Khan dominance has already manifested itself time and time again, and this occasion contains no change to that repeating piece of history. As a matter of fact, the Khan Battle Force is penetrating the wasteland’s open wounds with a force innumerable; recruitment has been increasing to a greater standard than it has been in some time, and the Khanscripts that are being drafted in are being shaped into accountable battlefield presences. However the manpower does not halt there; many Raiders from battles of old are resurfacing to the sound of the Khan War Horn, ready to push for a greater future.


Such is the brutality of the Khan Battle Force that domination was unearthed yet again. Wastelanders flee like packs of stray dogs and frequent patrolling has managed to decimate any stragglers. While held at gun point, it has been recorded that 5 low lives have decided to change their pathetic otherworldly ways and pursue their inner nature and potential future; to find Khan in one’s self and furthering the true side of humanity. If you find yourself at whim to the weak social ideals of this destroyed world, and you wish to seek redemption, reprisal and retribution against the flawed minds that wronged you, then begin your journey into a true brotherhood by establishing your devotion to the superior cause.


The towns of the Western wastelands have also fell to the increasing flux of Khan authority. Buildings are left deconstructed, fires left to engulf the foundations on which men of old decided to encamp, and the opposition that  whimpered in with the self destructive thought of preventing the massacres are now left decaying in the crisp golden heat. Just like the domineering barbarity that led to the sweeping of the towns, many more confrontations were had with the result being the same each time; Khans might just have dropped the nuclear weapons themselves as every manifestation of engagement was annihilated completely.


The atomic flames that raged in the aftermath of said weapons are the same flames lit on the torches to the East.

Forever burning in the hearts of Khans, forever fuelling the Khan War Machine.