Mengelito’s Thronespeech Sep 9 2016

Mine will be a rule of transparancy and inclusion, unlike all my predecessors I respect the Raiders enough to believe they are entitled and deserve to know what’s going on, on a regular basis. This is the first follow up speech based on my first Thronespeech, unlike the politicians of your respective countries the Khan Raider Leader will himself follow up his promises until they are realized.


I’m very happy to see how the operation has been going, how people have stepped up to, and prepared for, the TC windows. We’ve been dominating as the big dog on the streets, been a long time in the making and I’m happy to see we’ve showed the scum that the Khan Warmachine is well oiled and functional. With sharp teeths and fangs we’ve ripped them apart and trampled them down before us. Shoutout to the warriors, shoutout to the leaders, shoutout to those who farmed the shit, shoutout to those who donated their stuff to others.



European Prime Time (EPT)
18:00-22:00 Pagan Time


American Prime Time (APT)
03:00-07:00 Pagan Time


Fantastic takes over runescape, read more here.


The Mengelito smiley will be updated to wear a little crown. Alas for the culture projects there’s a new TDK blog brewing, there’s new standard signatures unlike anything anyones ever seen being made by our development team. A tattoo page is planned out however Crikket will not have it done until we get a second Khan tattoo in, therefore I have scheduled a time for tattoo on the 29th this month to get my Khan tags on my skin, so all you fiends know I’m the real deal.


Running the Khans is time consuming so I will delegate some responsibilities to my Right Hand to relieve my shoulders from some of the burdens, Sven is from today in charge of keeping track of and running promotions, medals and ceremony. We will have order. Now, to keep track of shit he needs to be notified of course so it’s up to all of us to help him up to speed. The Red Order will discuss every Raider and up and look through their medals and complete what we can, there’s alot of neglect to the Rewards because our focus has been on traitorous scum for a long time, I’m the Raider Leader that will change that.


We will from this day on have monthly full moon rituals scheduled for promotions and giving out medals. Pledges still comes into effect but this will be the time of promotion, it will be handled by Sven who as the Right Hand will also have the last word on any promotion to Raider and up.


Full moon rituals will also be the time when the corpses of Golgotha might come to life, how and if this is gonna work is still on the drawing board though.


Promotion Ceremonies of 2016
Fullmoon 2016-09-16


Fullmoon 2016-10-16


Fullmoon 2016-11-14


Fullmoon 2016-12-14


A promotion ceremony starts with everyone making a line in front of the great stone head at hub outpost, a scrub is then tricked to come there and gunned down and tortured by the attendants, no dead scrub sacrifice means no ceremony. The Right Hand will then take his place on the stonehead and call people up from his list to stand in front of him to recieve the honors. When this is done the forum will be updated. In special cases where timezones fuck up the promotions can be given at the ritual with a Brother accepting the promotions in the abscent persons stead however any promotion to Raider and up or medal given without the Right Hands final word will be revoked. Many will see this as a return to the old ways, in that they are correct.


Black Rose – Awarded to those Khans who have taken it upon themselves to bring the battle outside of the online world to destroy our enemies.


Wasteland Rockstar – Awarded to those Khans who’s infamy is so great they get impersonated by outsiders.


For Life – Awarded to those Khans who wear their TKs tags in real life as tattoos, brandings or scarifications.