Mengelito’s Thronespeech Aug 29 2016

Oh Slash,

My brothers, by force and will alone I have now assumed complete control of our brotherhood and I intend to bring us from the Viking Age and into the Renaissance.

This means my focus will be on organisation, focused efforts for the common good and investments into our arts, video, economy and music sections as the expansion beyond the gaming world (as envisioned by Gargantua in a dream during the summer of 2015) is down that path.

I thank my predecessor for picking up the pieces and clean up from the traitors rampage and for running the show with an iron fist while I prepared in the shadows and schemed for 7 long years to rise to my rightful place as your beloved Raider Leader.


I expect everyone to help enforce my rule by the Khans, for the Khans. Brothers, you all have my ear.

1. Ranks and power structure
Inactive Raid Commanders will be demoted to Captains for security reasons. Inactive Khanscripts have failed and are to be corpsed. A few new ranks will be added, the inner brotherhood will not come cheap.

2. War against the liberal arts
After our great President Gargantua was offended by european classics during his inspection of Scandinavia I hereby declare war on the liberal arts. We will find signed originals, raid them and make them post-apocalyptic Khan masterpieces, eventually building up our own artgallery here on Khanscentral. We will gather what information we can about the original artist and complete the destiny of their works, history belongs to the Khans!
3. FOnline Reloaded
For our pvp activities on Reloaded I’m focusing our efforts by bringing back Prime Time. Raiders who want to participate can now book the below time into their everyday schedules. Participate by your own will, this is not a one man effort and the Raiders interested in Reloaded are encouraged to be on and help bring on.

European Prime Time (EPT)
18:00-22:00 Pagan Time, that’s 00 PM – 4 PM Gimper Time

American Prime Time (APT)
03:00-07:00 Pagan Time, that’s 9PM – 1 AM Gimper Time

4. Runescape
Runescape invasion will continue and our positions there be pushed further, as soon as we are stabile we will launch a full scale propaganda attack on their communites.

Scrub population is growing out of control, patrols and baserapes are the focus between Prime Time to keep the vermin down.

5. Khan Business Sector
We will stimulate and continue the work with the Khan Business Section, we all like that extra money among the things I have planned is a paypal account for earnings from merchandise, common investments and our music projects onto which you can also donate, this will act as an emergency buffert for Raiders who needs a game, gametime or are out of smokes, booze or drugs. Raiders will be able to seek help anonymously and the request will be approved or denied by the Red Order. I want to start up a new section where we put out things we need done and cash rewards for completing those tasks. Instead of bringing in outside help I prefer to keep the monetary flows inside our organisation for the gain of the Raiders who need it, for Khans, by Khans. We hope to expand our co-operation with Tank Knives and also gather more sponsors.

6. Cyberspace
We will start working towards completing the forums, I want a professionally skinned raider theme with all kinds of shit and functions, buttons for links, a banner our enemies could only dream off, interactive shit. I want the Raid Boy reactivated and recalibrated to play our own music. The forum ranks are gonna have a unison look. A sponsor page is to be added.

7. Music
We currently have 5 different music projects active, we will offer a spot on our musicpage, design of merchandise aswell as publishing on Spotify, Amazon, Youtube and Itunes to all our musicians, if they so wish. We will aim to stimulate and help each other out with music projects in the Workshop.

8. Teamspeak
All stupid badges are removed, ranks, honorary and game badges remain. This is how I want it, clean and easy to overview. TC and TCL badges are reinstated 100% and are not going away.

9. Animated show
Oh yeah, we’re getting our own animated show aswell.

10. New warcry
“For the Baron! For the Khans!”

11. The motto of my Reign will be
Hate external, hate eternal.

12. Khan Tattoo projects
Are in the works right now, getting a Khan Tattoo will entitle you to a special medal on the forums.

That about sums it up, FOR NOW! I expect you all to help me out with realizing our goals and I hope you share them with me. Feel free to discuss and provide input below.